Travis Cotton | Got Bored, Bought Some Crayons.
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Got Bored, Bought Some Crayons.

Got Bored, Bought Some Crayons.

The other day while shopping in target I decided to buy some crayons. I like coloring. I’m the person that takes the kid menu and color it while waiting on food at restaurants. I don’t care what people think when they see a grown boy coloring a horse I do what ever I want. In this picture I imagined what it would be like if aliens came to earth with a floating pizza over hollywood during the day and the sky turned to darkness. The skateboards to the left of the picture illustrates how I skate down from the hollywood sign. I’m a animal lover so I drew Braxton and I love music so I drew music notes. The top  right of the pictures is where I realized I didn’t truly know what I wanted to draw with this piece of paper and decided to start another art board. The bottom right of the picture is the eye of the illuminati inside of a pyramid with a eye ball that stares at you immensely likes its watching you,watch it,watch you,analyze it,while it analyzes you. To the left is a where my imaginative being Diego and his evil twin Travell photobombed the drawing.

Next week I have to go get some paint. Painting is more fun than coloring with crayons because I can actually play in the paint, mix colors together, put paint on my hands and draw with my fingers.

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