Travis Cotton | Renaissance Man
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Renaissance Man

a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.
5 Star Concierge

How much time do you spend researching, scheduling and coordinating tasks? I have a practical, convenient and cost effective service to help you save time, increase efficiency and revitalize your current lifestyle. By leveraging industry networks and preferential relationships with the right people in Los Angeles and around the world.


A community is nothing without communication and unity. Bringing people together makes a community stronger and more sought after. Everyone wants to feel apart of something especially if they live there. Getting out there and meeting people is in my nature. A southern charm of reliability mixed with little bit of hospitality is my secret sauce.


Before picasso was picasso he was picasso with that being said my paintings should be looked at as an investment in your portfolio. Today they start off at only $5,000.01 but tomorrow they’ll be worth $10,000.07. If you don’t see the value then my paintings are not for you.


I’m a nerd theres no way around that. I like creating things on my computer and I can do it quickly. Need a website ? I own a design and advertising company and I can build your next online project or application.


I’ve been developing business since my sophomore year of high school. I started my first company at the age of 16 for the past 7 years I’ve helped 9 companies get started. From The Idea, Registration, Design, Marketing, Branding I can help you reach your goals. No matter if its a online business or offline business.


Music is my hobby, passion, and motivation. I love writing songs, capturing the moment and retaining it forever. I’m not a paid artist I do it for fun. I don’t like to music industry its too complicated. Too many people want to critique art. Its art let it be.


I attended Robert Morris University in Chicago for Film Making and Cinematography its always been a hobby of mines and every now and then I’ll produce or direct something for fun.

777 Cotton Pl

I can digitally build almost anything. Even if its not possible to ever exists in real actual life. I can still build it.I spent a majority of my childhood playing the sims and when I got older I taught myself Auto CAD. I’m a crazy genius.


Need a photoshoot spend a hour or a day with me and we can go out shooting.