Travis Cotton | Resume
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University Of Missouri Entrepreneurial Scholarship

  • Won First Place In Competition (Scholarship + Seed Money)
  • Accepted Into The University Of Missouri School Of Business At All Locations
  • Created Business & Marketing Plan For Social Network
  • Developed Social Network currently revised as


Clyde C.Miller Career Academy High School

Fall 2005 – Spring 2009

Student/Multi-Media Major

  • Attend Class Every day
  • Stand Out Student
  • Major Multi-Media
  • Certified In Microsoft Office
  • Do Homework & Classwork
  • Maintain High G.P.A
  • Participate In-School Activities Such As (FBLA)
  • Track & Field
  • Cross Country

University Of Missouri – Saint Louis (UMSL)

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

Dual Enrollment High School Student

  • Psychology
  • Business Management

University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou)

Summer 2009 – Spring 2010

Undergraduate Student

  • MajorBusiness
  • Psychology
  • Minor
  • Engineering


Robert Morris University

Fall 2010 – Winter 2011

Undergraduate (Switched Major To Video Production)

  • Cinema Editing
  • Color Management
  • Photography
  • Accelerated Program


Los Angeles Valley College

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Real Estate Courses


Saint Louis Artworks

Summer 2005 – Summer 2006

Lead Artist (Painter)

  • Supervise 8 Employees
  • Produce Artwork
  • Document Supply Usage For Projects
  • Meet Deadlines For Auctions


Cotton & Son Plumbing

1999 – 2007


  • Worked For My Father
  • Manage Fleet Vehicles
  • Technical Support
  • Repair Electronic Plumbing Devices
  • Operate Backhoe’s, Dump Trucks and Heavy Machinery
  • Assist With Small Plumbing Jobs
  • Executive Financial Assistant
  • Customer Service
  • Radio Dispatcher


Radio Shack

May 2010 – October 2010

Sales Associate

  • Activate Wireless Devices
  • Recommend Products For Customers Based On Their Needs
  • Answer Electronic Questions
  • Set up electronic devices for customers

Sears Portrait

July 2009 – December 31st, 2010

Photographer/Sales Associate

  • Photograph Customers
  • Edit Photo’s
  • Provide Assistance For Customers


Star Power Marketing/Derrty Ent

February 2008 – July 2010


  • Develop Websites
  • Create Marketing Material
  • Graphic Design & Print Material
  • Customer Relationship Management

Concordia Publishing House

June 2007 – January 2009

Marketing/Product Development

  • Create online content for book
  • Sound Engineer For E-Book Recordings
  • Introduced Social Media Aspects To Marketing Plan
  • Customer Service
  • File And Maintain Records

    Cool & Fly Marketing and Advertising LLC

    March 2009 – Current

    CEO/Creative Designer

    • Develop Websites and Applications
    • Boost Site Traffic via Organic SEO Methods
    • Purchase, Sell and Trade Domains
    • Invest in Digital Real Estate via Acquisition of Popular Fan Pages and High Ranking Websites
    • Create Marketing material for for-profit and not for-profit business
    • Consult Clients

LaMiss Inc

Spring 2010 – Spring 2014

Executive Personal Assistant

  • Organize External/Internal Meetings
  • Carry out routine administrative duties
  • Promote Professional Image Of Company
  • Make appointments and arranging travel accommodations
  • File And Maintain Records

Con-Tech Development

Spring 2012 – 2016

Community Manger/Private Concierge For Four Luxury Estates in Hollywood Hills in conjunction with LaMiss Inc employment

  • Onsite property manager with guard card
  • Give daily tours of properties to potential clients and investors
  • Advise & Educate clients of property and neighborhood rules
  • Introduce rental client to neighboring homeowners to create harmony in neighborhood
  • Work simultaneously with multiple high profile clients
  • Work as on-call private concierge for high profile clients
  • Coordinate Events at properties with clients to minimize neighborhood disturbance
  • Work simultaneously with multiple high profile clients
  • Routine Equipment Check, Maintenance and Schedule Repairs
  • Personal Banking For High Profile Clients
  • Liaison Club Bookings With Promoters and Clients
  • Liaison Communication between property owner and clients

United Dominion Realty (UDR)

August 2015 – August 2016


The first point of contact, welcoming potential residents, residents, guests and visitors as they arrive at the community. Provide an overview of community information to those inquiries in support of the marketing and sales efforts as well as provide information about the local area. Orchestrate the flow of the lobby and manage the package center making sure every situation handled ended with a smile.Positioned as the communication center providing residents community communication daily, weekly, or monthly via the computer portal and postings. Dedicated to fostering an on-going positive relationship with residents and deliver exceptional customer service to ensure a maximum number of lease renewals.


Location Manager

Bobby Brakins Bring Your Own Bottle Video Shoot

American Idol Season

Nas Bye Baby Music Video Shoot

MTV House Of Food

DAB Sundays at 1600 Vine

Spring/Summer 2016

Bottle Service Manager

  • Manage, Inventory, Purchase and Transfer of Alcohol for large Hollywood nightclub brunch venue
  • Created a system from scratch for accurate bottle sales management
  • Track sales performance of hostesses
  • Promote the sale of liquor and motivate hostesses to better interaction to promote bottle sales.

MamaKingston Kitchen

Summer 2016

Operations Manager

Assist with the start-up and grand opening of MamaKingston Kitchen food learned full operations of how to successfully manage,drive,clean and maintain a food truck. Also learned valuable marketing information to place food truck in the optimal location for best sales based on what’s going on in the surrounding areas.

Amnesty International

Spring 2014


Promoted philanthropy by canvassing areas with a group and reaching out to individuals to spread awareness of community and political issues and let them know that there’s a way that we can change that by collecting donations for the non-profit organization. Most of the time we would work in very busy fast paced high traffic and have to interact with hundreds to thousands of people in order to achieve a daily monthly donation goal.

Big Brother Big Sister Program

Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

Big Brother

  • Attend Weekly Sessions
  • Support My Little In-School Events
  • Contribute To Activities
  • Manage Groups Of Elementary Students

Future Scientist & Engineers Of America

Summer 2007 – Fall 2007


  • Learned How To Read Schematics
  • Develop & Solved Formula’s and Equations concentrated on Science and Engineering
  • Hands on Experience working with engineers from major companies such as Boeing, Ameren UE, Laclede Gas, AT&T and Sigma-Aldrich

Saint Louis Internship Program

September 2006 – Fall 2008


  • Attended Program Every Week On Time
  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills Needed To Obtain An Internship
  • Maintain Personal Appearance, Hygiene, and Proper Grooming
  • Obtained A Job In A Career Of My Interest (Concordia Publishing House)

Suicide and Crisis Hotline Volunteer

August 2009 – November 2009

Phone Volunteer

  • Assist Suicidal Callers by providing support and understand
  • Listen to others in times of crisis in life and death situations and give nonbias advice and recommendation while being in consideration of others actions and emotions
  • Build personal relationships with callers without overstepping boundaries

Black Data Processing Association

2007 – 2008


  • Learned data processing in forms of programming
  • Built PHP Bots and scripts
  • Connected databases by troubleshooting assignments
  • Worked in teams to challenge opposing teams by completing scripts and programming based on teamwork and leadership


ADAPA (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association)

2006 – 2008
ADAPA Of Saint Louis Public School
  • Educate Youth About The Dangers Of Drug Usages & Alcohol Consumption
  • Inspire Others To Join The Association By (Leading By Example)
  • Set Up Booth At Events In SLPS
  • Promote Material Related To ADAPA In School

Lois Ingrum Studio’s

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

Highschool Internship

  • Learned how to use and operate SLR Camera’s
  • Organize photo files and documents
  • Mount Photographs in frames
  • Hands on experience with customers and learned vital business management ethics for professionals in the arts and design industry

Future Business Leaders Of America

2006 – 2009

FBLA Member

  • Analyze problems in business and work on ways to improve them
  • Worked on leadership skills by working in groups with assigned task
  • Organized school events such as Charity drives and ways to profit from in school activities